Vin Santo Riserva

“It was the favorite wine of our mother, who compared it to British Sherry. Nevertheless, Vin Santo is a typical Tuscan straw wine”


The affectionate

Small and statuesque rows of Malvasia and Trebbiano, lost in an expanse of golden wheat fields, are the source of our Vin Santo. The careful selection of grapes and patient waiting for the seasons to change to transform this noble must, are our secrets for producing a precious nectar, so unique and unlike any other.


Climatic conditions
The 2008 vintage was marked by heavy rain during the entire flowering period, which had an impact on the setting phase and thus slowed down the production of the vines. However, the hot, dry and long summer boosted the veraison phase. Finally, the ripening period of the grape varieties was optimal as the cool nights were beneficial for the development of the aromas and the intensity of the colours of the bunches, and the sunny days favoured the concentration of polyphenols in the berries.

525 bottles

Climatic conditions
The flowering phase of the 2010 vintage was rather rainy which was an additional challenge for our winemakers. However, the summer was ideal for the development of the grapes, alternating between sunny days and some rain. This period allowed our grapes to reach an optimal stage of ripening for an ideal polyphenol concentration and aromatic intensity.

1,115 bottles

Climatic conditions
We particularly remember 2011 for its two-part August. The first 15 days were relatively cool with days not exceeding 30°C and cold nights. On the other hand, the second half of August was sunnier and more powerful, allowing the grape varieties, particularly Sangiovese, to develop healthy, mature bunches that were concentrated and rich in polyphenols.

3,000 bottles

  • Denomination : D.O.C. Vin Santo del Chianti Rufina
  • Vineyard : Northern and Southern exposure
  • Harvest : Hand-picked in crates from historic vineyards, with careful selection of the best grapes.
  • Vinification : The grapes are left to dry in the open air for 100 days and are then gently pressed. The must obtained is put directly into oak barrels of 50 to 100 litres, located in the attic of the farm. Inside, the must ferments slowly, exposed to the rigours of winter and the heat of summer; it matures for five years, developing rare complexity and elegance.
  • Maturation : For five years it matures, developing a rare complexity and elegance. It is then matured in the bottle for several months.
  • Grape varieties : Trebbiano - Malvasia
  • Alcohol content : 14% - 16%
  • Tasting notes : Very pronounced amber colour. Intense, fine and pleasant on the nose, with notes of dried raisins and candied fruit, followed by aromas of honey, vanilla and dried fig, with hints of nuts and coffee. On the palate, it reveals a full and intense body, with a very good balance between the sweetness and warmth of its alcohol and its freshness. The finish is long and extremely pleasant.
  • Pairing : It goes well with mature cheeses and pastries or dark chocolate.
  • Serving temperature : 10°-12°
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