“For me, being a winegrower in the twenty first century means respecting ancestral techniques, combining them with modern know-how and inventing the winemaking of tomorrow. Apart from expressing who I am, my wines express our terroir and our land. Our Estate.”


An exceptional terroir

Our vines enjoy an ideal situation. Located at the heart of the Chianti Rufina appellation, they flourish on the Montefiesole hills, 450 meters above sea level. This double exposure provides our grape varieties with the perfect luminosity, optimal photosynthesis and constant aeration thanks to the wind which sweeps across our hills.

Our young vines have a plant density of between 4,500 and 6,800 plants per hectare and the cutting system chosen is the Cordon technique. For our old vines, there is a lower density and the Guyot vine training system is used.

Respecting the ecosystem - crucial for unique wines

In our vineyard, we only use organic substances – no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are added. We help Nature to cooperate with us and we use the natural environment to boost productivity. We use legumes for example to fix nitrogen in the soil, predatory insects are preserved and even encouraged and vines are grown on small plots alternating with other crops to protect one another.

Our soils possess a high concentration of clay and limestone. They are capable of producing elegant wines with powerful aromas. They are never deeply tilled in order to maintain their fertility, in particular by limiting erosion and preserving the habitat (like earth worms and micro-organisms which promote biodiversity and the soil’s biological activity).

The vine finds its own resources for longevity by using its deep roots to search for the nutriments it requires for growth. In this way it creates its own memory. Thanks to our support, our vines live longer, produce healthy grapes, with more resistant skin and as a result, more complex and elegant wines.

Adopt a vine !

You will never drink our wines – your wines in the same manner again.

Wine Camp

Embrace “The Wine of Life” with us.

Natural vinification

The grapes are carefully selected thanks to green cutting and harvesting. They are picked by hand and the yield per plant is very low.

Once the harvest is completed, always by hand, for a better selection of grapes, we devote special attention to each moment of the vinification process, which occurs in the most natural way possible.

All our wines are vinified without added sulfites. Our fermentation tanks have a temperature control system and are placed outside to avoid any yeast contamination. In this way, each of our wines ferments with its own native yeasts.

Simply a love story

Our work consists solely in accompanying the winemaking process so that each wine expresses fully the aromas that compose it and the terroir from which it comes. Each year is a new beginning, a new story.

Very often, our wines are named after the names of our children: “Pachàr” for Pablo and Charlotte, “Ludie” for Luna and Diego… For us, viticulture is a story of women, a story of mothers, a story of listening, attention and empathy…

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