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“We do not remember days, we remember moments”, said the Italian writer Cesare Pavese. And so… let us savour moments of Chianti, of flavours, of joy, poetry and freedom! Eternal moments so fleeting that they leave their mark forever engraved upon our hearts !
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It's a life experience...

It's all about sharing...

Adopt an olive tree !

Olive trees symbolize peace of course, but also longevity and hope. For me, they bear witness to the past, present and future of the estate’s hills.

Adopt a vine !

I produce living wines derived from vines whose energy I nurture each day. I know each plant by heart. They are individuals in their own right and I respect their existence. I give them all the same amount of attention so that they may flourish. My vines are my most precious possessions. They are my treasure. I’m delighted to be able to share them with you !

Inspiration & Lifestyle,
The very best of Tuscany and its way of life.

Mon 02 2021


The Italian dolce by definition, tiramisù is one of the must-have pastries. Did you know that the word "tiramisù" was the fifth most famous word in Italian cuisine abroad?

Tue 07 2021

Pappa al pomodoro

Pappa al pomodoro is a "poor" dish of Tuscan cuisine, born as a way to reuse stale bread. The ingredients, testifying to its peasant origins...

Thu 05 2021

Sformatino di Cipolle

Sformatino di cipolle is a creamy flan with onions. It is a rich and tasty recipe to serve as a side dish or as a main course...

Wed 07 2021

Vampiro Revolution

Our barman, Elia, is the originator of these cocktails and is the mixologist of the Fattoria Lavacchio. His original creations are designed to match our "organic lifestyle"...

Wed 07 2021

Biological farm cocktails

Our original cocktails are designed to match our "organic lifestyle" and can be enjoyed throughout the summer...

Wed 07 2021

Jazz in Fattoria

Jazz in Fattoria c'est un festival de musique qui fait venir de grands musiciens dans les fermes et sur les places de la région, en proposant des concerts qui vont du jazz classique à des expériences inédites...

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Olive Camp
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A real immersion in the making of our extra virgin olive oil. You will stay 2 nights on our welcoming Tuscan estate with many activities around olive oil.

You will visit the olive groves of the estate, then enjoy a life-size simulation of the olive harvest. Then, let us guide you to the local oil mills. Finish with a taste of the benefits of olive oil and make your own olive oil!

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Wine Camp

A real immersion in the world of wine for the true oenophile!
We offer 3 nights accommodation on our welcoming Tuscan estate with many wine related activities.
It's a journey through the different stages of wine production in the heart of the Chianti region. Faye and Dimitri, the owners of the estate, will show you all their know-how and you will discover the authenticity of the wine making methods in their beautiful organic estate.

Visit the vineyards and cellars of 3 estates, learn the techniques of harvesting and selection of grape varieties, discover the secrets of fermentation and blending, enjoy the different wine appellations in our organic farm. Design your own wine and design your own labels.

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The Tuscan Organic Lifestyle
 From the 15.08.2022 to the 23.12.2022

Get away for a few days to recharge your batteries!
What could be more effective than a stay in an enchanting setting and a peaceful lifestyle?

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Tuscan Gourmet Experience
 From the 15.08.2022 to the 23.12.2022

Enjoy a true sensory experience at Fattoria Lavacchio. We offer you the best that Tuscany has to offer in an authentic and prestigious place.
In addition to meeting local people, wine producers and agricultural products, you will be guided by our gastronomy expert.

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