Cucina di Casabella

About us

The restaurant Cucina di Casabella by Fattoria Lavacchio is located above Pontassieve, on the famous Chianti Rufina hills. You’ll discover an elegant little hamlet where, in the Aia, you can lunch and dine with a marvellous view. It’s out of time, as the ambiance lends itself to that of film villages depicting rural life a century ago, and out of space, as immersed in a unique landscape that makes you forget the city and its chaotic frenzy.

The chef brings a good dose of freshness and originality to the table, which is unusual for such an establishment. Usually, when you leave the city, you’re lulled by tradition, but at Casabella you’re surprised by the eclectic innovation. The menu features recipes that nod to Tuscan cuisine, but which, once presented, are transformed, enriched with Annamaria’s trademark edible flowers, contrasts and original combinations of textures. A creative hand that likes to make the most of the land where she works, picking – quite literally – ingredients from nearby fields, using local raw materials, if not home-grown produce.

The Chef Annamaria

What is cooking for me?
It’s the sum total of emotions… if I’m sad, nervous, happy, pensive, cooking cancels it all out and takes me into a parallel world. Cooking is the only thing that never bores me!

Why did I choose the Cucina di Casabella restaurant?
I was immediately fascinated and intrigued by its philosophy! It’s the same as the one I’ve always strived for: to use all local products, in this case those from Tuscany. Create something with local, seasonal produce!
At first, it wasn’t easy to find local farms for meat, cheese, vegetables, fish… Adapting to their schedules, their setbacks, our needs, making myself known to them, but once I got past all that it was great because they now let me know about their products day by day, and all the work that goes into it, and it’s incredible!
The more the days go by, the more it fascinates me… I feel like I’m going back to childhood, when my grandfather used to take me to the countryside and introduce me to the land and its produce, and he’d always tell me to respect their time. Bringing all this to the guests/clients/friends of Cucina di Casabella is one of our many objectives. To give the right value to everything that surrounds us!

What kind of cuisine do I offer?
It’s certainly my style of cooking: Apulian but also Tuscan! My cuisine is simple, colorful and traditional, but with a twist!
I’d immediately say fish and vegetables, like the Apulian I am, but Tuscany, which adopted me, made me discover the importance of meat, whatever it may be, and how to enhance it.
So I try to incorporate both regions into my cooking! As well as passion and love for what I do, of course above all else!

Our philosophy

To experience life with us at Fattoria Lavacchio is to savor a life disconnected from the hustle and bustle of everyday life; we want you to experience an intimate relationship with nature and Tuscan culture.

At your table, you’ll find only products :
> exclusively Tuscan
> carefully selected for quality and seasonality
> from our own biodynamically farmed fields
> by local producers who share the same philosophy