Valuable expertise

“Whatever I engage in, I do so based on the belief that I am a cog in the wheel of what has been, what exists and what will be. Each of our nectars is the fruit of an ancestral and valuable know-how, combined with cutting-edge agronomic and scientific developments.”


Our wines,
our children

Our wines are the expression of a unique terroir. Year after year, cuvée after cuvée, we do our utmost to give them full freedom to flourish, as we would do with our own children.

Our olive oils,
the nectar of kings

We pick and press our oils according to traditions and know-how originating in Antique times. Laudemio, Italiana and Toscana are nectars with a magical taste and nutritional qualities…

Wine & art,
intimate expression

Our Estate is a field of expression, an open-air gallery for art in all of its forms: remarkable winemaking, ceramics, painting and sculpture. Let’s embark on a journey to the gates of the mind.

The Fattoria,
since 1978

The Cedar tree is a majestic tree, protector of its ecosystem and emblem of sustainability. Because these values animate us and feed our passion, ‘il Cedro’ is our symbol…