“Ludié derives from our oldest vines, planted in 1963. It is also a very imposing and concentrated wine, which continues to evolve”


The wise

“La vecchia in salita” is the name of the vineyard which produces the Sangiovese grapes used in our most noble wine. The vines were planted in 1963, and are trained using the traditional Guyot system. This full-blooded Sangiovese, dedicated to the future generation – LUna and DIEgo – is intended for true Chianti Rufina connoisseurs. The label was inspired by the works of the famous ceramist, Innocenti and is made entirely from pierced velvet.


Climatic conditions
In 2007, the budburst period started earlier due to a mild winter. The spring rains came at the right time for optimal vegetative growth and early flowering of the vines. That year, the entire Tuscany region experienced a rainy June, which favoured the development of the grapes. It was during the summer, and particularly with the storms of August, that the ripening of the grapes slowed down to find a vegetative cycle more in line with the harvest calendar. The mild temperatures and the good sunshine in September gave the grapes a good polyphenolic concentration for a complex aromatic result.

553 bottles produced

Climatic conditions
The 2008 vintage was marked by heavy rain during the entire flowering period, which had an impact on the setting phase and thus slowed down the production of the vines. However, the hot, dry and long summer boosted the veraison phase. Finally, the ripening period of the grape varieties was optimal as the cool nights were beneficial for the development of the aromas and the intensity of the colours of the bunches, and the sunny days favoured the concentration of polyphenols in the berries.

Climatic conditions
In 2009, the budburst phase took place as expected. During the summer, temperatures regularly exceeded 35°C both during the day and at night. Then, in the middle of the ripening period, the sirocco winds from Africa accelerated the process, giving this vintage a fast and early harvest.

Tasting notes
Nose: very good balsamicity
Palate: silky tannins in the mouth, with tertiary notes in the background
Note: a wine of great character, a cult product, to be kept for collectors.

2666 bottles produced

Climatic conditions
We particularly remember 2011 for its two-part August. The first 15 days were relatively cool with days not exceeding 30°C and cold nights. In contrast, the second half of August was sunnier and more powerful, allowing the grape varieties, particularly Sangiovese, to develop healthy, mature bunches that were concentrated and rich in polyphenols.

Tasting notes
Nose: spices, smoky notes, pleasant balsamicity
Palate: fresh fruit, good tannic density

Climatic conditions
On the whole, the winter was cold, with temperatures below 0°C and snowfall. The spring was also cool, notably due to frequent rainfall, which fed the water table and thus supplied the vineyards with water during the veraison phase in the summer. This summer period was very hot and dry with temperatures exceeding 35°C, so our vines, well rooted in the soil, were able to draw on the freshly filled water tables.

Tasting notes
Nose: notes of vanilla and spices accompanied by a nice earthy note.
Palate: excellent density and silky tannins

Climatic conditions
The 2013 vintage was impacted by a harsh winter with alternating sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfalls. The spring was cool and rainy. However, despite a cool summer overall compared to previous seasons, a few heat spikes boosted the Sangiovese veraison period. Finally, the fluctuations in daytime and night-time temperatures favoured a progressive ripening phase.

Tasting notes
Nose: dried fruit and wood, black cherries, nice pepper and chocolate notes.
Palate: soft and pleasant, good length in the mouth

Climatic conditions
The winter of 2015 came later in our region, thus slowing down the vegetative awakening of the vines and the crying period by about ten days. Spring came at the right time, offering the vineyards a flowering period punctuated by sunny days and some rainfall. Finally, the long summer, high temperatures exceeding 30°C and ideal climatic conditions gave our grapes an ideal maturation.

The 2015 vintage is distinctive for its coffee and incense notes, and as it ages it will be much more floral. The palate contains more fruit, silkier and more elegant tannins.

Tasting notes
Nose: nice complexity, woody, roasted coffee, chocolate incense, floral finish
Palate: pleasant freshness, good tannic density and silkiness on the palate, wood in the background

Climatic conditions
In our region, the 2017 vintage is known to have been an early year. After a mild and dry winter, the early bud break and spring showers allowed the flowering phase to start earlier than in previous years. Thanks to a hot, dry summer, the ripe, polyphenol-rich grapes could be harvested at the end of August.

Tasting notes
Nose: notes of spices and incense, fresh fruit
Palate: pleasant freshness and menthol, good length
Comments: elegant and rich wine

  • Denomination : D.O.C.G. Chianti Rufina
  • Vineyard : Southern exposure - Single vineyard from 1963
  • Harvest : Hand-picked in crates in mid-October.
  • Vinification : Delicate destemming of the grapes; temperature-controlled fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tanks for about 25 days with several pump-overs.
  • Maturation : In local 15hl oak barrels for 24 months. Then maturing in bottle for at least 18 months.
  • Garpe varieties : 100% Sangiovese
  • Alcohol content : 14,5% - 15%
  • Tasting notes : Dark ruby red colour. The nose is well balanced with dark cherry syrup, chocolate, spices and chewing tobacco. The Sangiovese immediately appears in all its grandeur, soft and silky. Dense, well-blended tannins spread over the palate. The finish is elegant, of good persistence with a lovely acidity that characterises Rufina. It can be enjoyed from one generation to the next.
  • Pairing : It should be opened with a few years of age and needs to be decanted. It goes perfectly with roasts, wild game and cheese.
  • Serving temperature : 18°-20°
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