Puro PétNat Bianco

“I love this wine which rejects conventional wisdom. It’s the result of many months of research and trials. It’s the fruit of natural secondary fermentation in bottles without disgorging”


The brave

To complement our range of sulfite-free wine, we decided to rise to the challenge of creating a white Pet-Nat.
Our version is cloudy and is made without the addition of sulfites. It is produced from a selection of Trebbiano grapes, the most distinctive white variety from our region, bottled with the sediment and without disgorging.

The fragrance is intense and elegant, with hints of crusty bread and grapefruit. Fresh and mineral on the palate, with a pleasant and crusty finish. It is an easy-drinking wine to share with friends.

Discover a simpler and more entertaining version of champagne!


Climatic conditions
The winter was cold, with alternating rain and snow, followed by a spring punctuated by periods of sunshine and rain. However, spring temperatures were maintained at high levels allowing the seasonal phenological stages to be respected. Finally, the summer of 2018 recorded high temperatures triggering thunderstorms in the second part of August. This was ultimately beneficial for the maturation phase.

Climatic conditions
The 2019 vintage experienced a cold winter with very little rain, pushing back the budburst period to the beginning of April. The delay accumulated during the flowering phase, notably due to the low temperatures recorded in spring. Thus, following the delay of the whole vegetative cycle, the maturation of the berries in phenolic compounds and in aromatic capacity only arrived in the autumn.

Climatic conditions
With a mild winter, vine budding was rather early. The sunny but cool month of April encouraged the growth of the grape varieties in a dry environment. Then, the bright and windy spring favoured the good development of the setting period. Finally, at the end of August, the grapes were able to ripen progressively.

  • Denomination : I.G.T Toscana Bianco Frizzante
  • Vineyard : Northern exposure
  • Harvest : Hand-picked in crates before mid-September to keep the freshness and acidity.
  • Vinification : The gentle pressing of the grapes is followed by a cold extraction to allow the decantation of impurities from the juice. The must is then left to ferment naturally at low temperature in stainless steel tanks for about 15 days. At bottling, fresh new must, naturally rich in yeasts and sugars, is added to reactivate the fermentation in the bottle. No disgorgement is carried out so that the lees continue to release their flavours and enrich the palate.
  • Grape variety : Trebbiano
  • Alcohol content : 10% - 11%
  • Tasting notes : Cloudy colour, pale hay. It is elegant with notes of white peach and white grapefruit. On the palate, the wine is fresh and mineral with a very pleasant and crisp finish.
  • Pairing : It is suggested to turn it upside-down before opening to blend the yeast at the bottom to extract all the aromas. It could be enjoyed alone as refreshing drink, it enhances fried dishes, fish and white meat. Try it cool on ice with an orange zest. Perfect for natural wine lovers and people interested in discovering new flavour profiles.
  • Serving temperature : 4°-6°
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