The truth of the earth

“As a woman, a mother and a winegrower, I think of my work as a love letter I write each day, to the earth and to our children. I hope to pass on our values, feelings and emotions”.


Promoting a harmonious lifestyle

At la Fattoria Lavacchio, we believe that Nature and Humanity are one.

We know that by listening to what the earth tells us, we will be able to offer it what it needs so that it can give to us in return.

We toil for our children. We toil for our children’s children and for their children in turn.

We toil for the children we were and continue to be.

Building with passion self-sacrifice

We feel that growing vines and olive trees with respect for the precepts of biodynamics is the assurance that the wines and oils we produce will be of a high quality, without denaturing the land in the process.

We are responsible for the legacy we leave to future generations.

We transmit our love of Nature through our wines, oils and also by sharing our way of life with our visitors.

Cultivating and sharing

The best way to get to grips with our philosophy and our way of looking at the world is to come to la Fattoria Lavacchio, to experience the organic lifestyle with us, to taste our wines and sample our cuisine and to wander the hills with us. We can guarantee that after your stay, you’ll never be the same.

Beyond words, “Organic lifestyle” symbolizes our philosophy, our values and more importantly, our way of doing things, producing and existing. Tokens of love speak louder than words. Each day we give our utmost to demonstrate this affection.

We know that we have to give to receive – both to the earth and to our peers.

This is the very principle of biodynamics – but is also represents our approach to hospitality.

All our visitors come into our home and eat at our table and we serve them the very best we have.

We also place an onus on high standards and the obligation to produce exceptional vintages each year with the least amount of interference with our vines, to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

We work with local producers and artisans while respecting Tuscan traditions.

Such rootedness in age-old tradition and expertise offers us the possibility to work for the future and to innovate each day to invent the farming practices of tomorrow.

We know that the choices we make today are the seeds of tomorrow.