Our land,
Our story...

The Blue hour...

At the end of the day, for a moment the Tuscan hills turn blue. It is a time when all that can be heard is the rustling of wings and the swishing of branches, as the birds return to their roosts.

Legend has it that at this blue hour, if you listen carefully enough, you will hear the valley ring out with the laughter of the Lottero children. A joyful roar which accompanies them home, their heads full of memories of an adventure-filled day in a magical land far removed from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Legend also has it, that each visitor to la Fattoria Lavacchio leaves the estate with a little piece of this joy.

A joy whose flavor shall always remain.

Children of the earth

“Beyond its grandeur, the Cedar has always symbolized our philosophy in my view. This idea of growing and producing with respect for Nature, which is capable of giving us everything if only we take the time to listen to it”


At the heart of the beautiful Chianti Rufina hills

Located at the top of the Montefiesole hills, around twenty kilometers from Florence, la Fattoria Lavacchio stretches into the heart of Chianti Rufina country.

The estate extends for more than one hundred and fifteen hectares, of which twenty-four hectares are dedicated to vines and fifty-six are earmarked for olive production. The rest are used to cultivate wood, truffle patches, wheat and kitchen gardens.

Age-old heritage

La Fattoria was built in 1700 by the large Florentine family, Peruzzi. The family was so famed that it was quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy.

It was this family who, in keeping with tradition, planted a Lebanese cedar just a few meters away from their house. This ancient tree represented the strength and longevity of noble family dynasties.

This majestic cedar still stands overlooking the Montefiesole hills. Today it is over 280 years old. Now a symbol of la Fattoria, it adorns the labels of all the bottles produced on the estate, denoting attachment to roots and tradition.

In the nineteenth century, la Fattoria changed owner and became the property of another large Florentine family – the Marquis Strozzi Sacrati of Mantua. A dynasty which, in the fifteenth century, was as important as the Medici family. The Strozzi’s marked Tuscan history.

... a wonderful playground for dreams and adventures.

Years later, on a misty and rainy day, a Genoese entrepreneur and his wife discovered the ruins of the Fattoria Lavacchio mill.

…despite the grey light, they immediately fell in love with the estate.

This entrepreneur’s name was Marino Lottero. Before discovering la Fattoria, he had scoured the region for almost a year looking for a place for his family to live, far from the commotion of city living.

During the 1980s and 90s, when the estate was producing good quality wines, it also became a wonderful playground for dreams and adventures for the children of Marino and his wife Barbara: Faye, Nathalie and Fabian, who roamed the hills on foot, by horse or by bike.

Marino is a builder. He has energy to spare. Very quickly, he and Barbara embarked upon renovation and restructuring projects. They planted vines, olive trees and refurbished the villas which stood in ruins, with respect for Tuscan traditions. A few years later, even the mill was restored to its former glory.

The adventurers set their sights higher

That’s when the stars aligned and destinies emerged: Faye and Dimitri became "farmers".

The project expanded. The Estate was enhanced and modernized. Little by little, Marino’s ambitions grew.

This is when the stars aligned and destinies emerged. Marino’s eldest daughter, Faye, was growing weary of her career as a lawyer. A woman of action, Faye longs to find meaning in everything she does. After several discussions between her, Marino and her husband Dimitri, the couple decided to come and live in la Fattoria to develop the fledgling agri-tourism business.

Overnight, Faye and Dimitri, a former professional soccer player from AS Monaco, left their comfortable lives to become “farmers”.

... to leave the memories of our childhood for others.

Faye quickly started to relish welcoming tourists and helping them to create memories, the emotions she experienced as a child.

Yet, after a few years, Faye’s Lottero blood forced her to turn her attention to another blood which was just as precious.

The land.

With you, the story next to the story is still being written...

The Estate in figures:
  • Birth of the Estate : start of the 18th century
  • Estate surface area : 120 hectares
  • Grape varieties : 5 red grape varieties, 6 white grape varieties
  • Vineyard surface area : 25 hectares
  • Production of bottles of wine : 100,000 per year
  • Olive grove surface area : 44 hectares
  • Olive oil production : 10,000 liters per year
  • Exportation of our wines : 28 countries
  • Rooms & suites : 15
  • Appartements : 7
  • Villas : 2
  • Restaurants : 2
  • Visitors : 8,000 per year
  • Staff : 35 passionate individuals