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“When we bought this estate, little did I know how much space it would take up in our lives. I say, “our lives”, because la Fattoria has transformed every member of the Lottero family. It has made me the man I am and my children, what they are today. It has revealed who we are.”


Marino Lottero

A family adventure involving you!

“My eldest daughter Faye, is the symbol of this revelation.” She’s an adventurer who left everything behind to focus entirely on farming and winegrowing. She is a pioneer who obtained the organic label at the start of the 2000s and one of the first, or perhaps the very first woman in Chianti. For the last few years, she has been farming the vines and olive trees according to biodynamic practices – a rarity in Tuscany, too. She’s an explorer and an innovator who is always quick to question assumptions and habits that don’t seem in line with our life philosophy – the famous “Organic Lifestyle”. Wines produced at la Fattoria are free from added sulfites, which also sets us apart from our counterparts.

Even though Faye has a central role in the estate, la Fattoria Lavacchio is a collective project – a family project. It is part of us and is the subject of all our discussions, worries and aspirations. By Faye’s side is her husband, Dimitri, who manages all of the laborers and work to be done on the estate. Her sister, Nathalie welcomes guests and also sometimes works in the kitchens. Faye’s brother Fabian keeps a watchful eye on developments at la Fattoria, while Linda, Fabian’s wife, manages communication and the sale of the estate’s produce.

So yes, la Fattoria Lavacchio is most definitely a family company. But it is a family company which involves you, dear friends. Our greatest pleasure comes from sharing emotions, memories and life moments with you, which, as we all know, will forever remain imprinted in our hearts.

Come and be part of this family adventure. Become a life member of la Fattoria Lavacchio.

Dear friends, welcome home!

Pioneers need great people standing by them to move forward and to progress.

mission which is vital in our view. The doors to our family and to our hearts shall be laid open to you. We need your support and your love more than ever to keep producing high quality wines and oils without compromising and without risk to the future of our planet, our land or our children.

Dear friends, welcome to our estate, welcome home !

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  • Your name engraved on our Wall of Fame. A unique ceramic piece created by the Innocenti brothers and hung in our wine cellar
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  • A lifelong discount on purchases made directly, exclusive prices and gifts for all repeat orders
  • A lifelong discount for all stays on the estate, including a complimentary bottle of wine, automatic upgrades*, admittance to events and private tastings
  • Have your say at our annual seminar to design the future of la Fattoria together.