A way of life

“Over time, by working and being involved in the equilibrium and preservation of our land, we realized that we were adopting a certain life ideal and a way of working and sharing with you. This idea can be summed up by our motto: “Organic Lifestyle”


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Beyond words, certifications and labels,

We live an Organic Lifestyle each day. It’s our way of doing things and of thinking.

The Organic Lifestyle is what we are. It is the example we wish to embody and the values we wish to transmit. 

It is also, of course, our way of cultivating the earth, of harvesting, safeguarding and caring for our loved ones and our community.

  • Our Vines and Olive trees grow without the use of chemicals.
  • Our wines are produced without added sulfites.
  • Our kitchen garden grows in permaculture.
  • The cutlery we supply at the Bottega del Mulino is made of maize; it is entirely recycled and recyclable.
  • We sell only the produce of local farmers and artisans.

For us, the Organic Lifestyle isn’t a fashion, it’s a way of life. Our lifestyle since 1978.

We offer you several ways to share, support and more importantly, to participate in this adventure which involves our whole lives, as well as those of our children.