Adopt a vine !

“I produce living wines derived from vines whose energy I nurture each day. I know each plant by heart. They are individuals in their own right and I respect their existence. I give them all the same amount of attention so that they may flourish. My vines are my most precious possessions. They are my treasure. I’m delighted to be able to share them with you!”


For the Estate and for Nature…

On la Fattoria estate, each vine plant is cut individually by hand. Cutting takes place in winter when the vines are sleeping, keeping in mind what they will look like in summer when they produce fruit. We predict the journey of the sap and give shape to the plant with enough aeration for them to make the very most of our magnificent Tuscan sunlight and wind.

We cherish our vines like our own children…

An unforgettable enological adventure !

We give you the unique chance to be part of our adventure and to support our initiative.

Now you can adopt a vine plant in the heart of la Fattoria estate. You can choose from among the young or old Sangiovese vines, the characteristic Chianti, Merlot or Chardonnay grape varieties. The plant you choose will be in your name. After adopting it, you will receive a certificate, as well as advantages and exclusive prices for our online store. You can even follow the evolution of your vine plant over time, know which wine contains its grapes and everything there is to know about the grape variety.

You will never drink our wines - your wines, in the same manner again.

Adopting a vine plant means living the Organic Lifestyle experience. You will also be making a strong symbolic gesture for the environment and to support us in our passion and commitment. You will never drink our wines – your wines in the same manner again.

Every month, a letter from an incredible wine for you.