Art on the Estate

“The Estate is such an inspiring place; it gives us all the desire and freedom to express ourselves. Beyond the nature, light and scenery, we wanted art to be omnipresent at la Fattoria, like magic unveiling its deepest sensitivity at every moment and to each one of us.”


Wine and Art go hand in hand

The estate is an agricultural site, of course, but it is also an agri-cultural venue, where cultivating and being cultivated are inextricably linked. This art is expressed in a number of ways.

The ceramics workshop

At the heart of the Estate is a house inhabited by sorcerers who manipulate fire, earth, light and water. The two sorcerers are the Innocenti brothers, Massimo and Stefano, two Florence-born ceramists.

Heirs to their father’s expertise, Massimo and Stefano master the Majolica technique which involves working and baking earthenware, a method originating in Majorca and imported to Italy during the Renaissance period. The brothers produce many decorative pieces which you will find adorning villas on the estate. With Oriental inspiration, notably Antique Persian, they create unique decorative pieces: animals, fruit, plates, vases and flasks…

The permanent Art gallery

We are also soon to open a contemporary art gallery on the ground floor of villa Monterifrassine. It will play host to contemporary ceramic works and paintings rooted in an age-old tradition. Some of the works will be available for purchase.

Our desire, as you may have guessed, is to transmit our passions. We will give you a chance to attend ceramic and engraving workshops – a technique deeply rooted in Florentine Renaissance tradition.

As regards ceramics, give free rein to your imagination and creativity by absorbing the magical expertise of the Innocenti brothers. After recounting the story of their family, and giving you a tour of their workshop, the Innocenti brothers will reveal to you the secrets of Majolica pottery. They will teach you the different molding, decorating and baking techniques. Then you will get to work to create an object yourself.

The enchanted forest

You can’t have a sorcerer’s house without an enchanted forest. Located between the Innocenti workshop and la Fattoria, you will find a wonderful walking area, far removed from the chaotic world outside, where you may spot yet more works of art by various contemporary artists, disseminated among the trees along the winding paths, fragrant of wood, damp earth and truffles.

Artistic wine cellars

Last but most definitely not least, our cellars also serve as a permanent exhibition venue, open to artists, actors and musicians. Twice yearly, our cellars transform into a meeting venue. These events offer the chance to create new connections, each more creative than the last between people, wine and art.

So, wait no longer, come and unleash your taste buds and awaken your mind. Book your stay now at la Fattoria Lavacchio.

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