Biological farm cocktails

Made In Fattoria Lavacchio cocktails

Our barman, Elia, has been a cocktail expert for 6 years and will be your mixologist for the summer season.

His original creations are designed to match our “organic lifestyle” so his cocktails are made right before your eyes, from our agricultural resources, with fresh and of course organic products.

Elia creates her drinks from our wines, essential oils and fruits and vegetables from our garden. To join our ecological approach, we use a centrifuge to recover the filtered vegetables and fruits rich in good nutrients to create new original and unique recipes such as our artisanal ice cream.

If you would like to make our organic cocktails at home, we invite you to consult our “SAVOURING TASTE” section.

  • From 3pm to 6.45pm
  • From June to October included