L'Italiana Vierge-Extra

“I use this oil to cook with every day. It gives my dishes a touch of Mediterranean sunshine. My daughters love eating it on a slice of toasted bread”


« L'italiana »

This oil is produced using olives harvested in the second half of November. Boasting a beautiful green and bronze color, it disseminates a fragrance of intense and persistent fresh grass with notes of artichoke and eggplant. Quite strong, it is perfect for seasoning cold dishes, but also for cooked sauces and roasted dishes.

  • Certification : Organic Extra Virgin Oil
  • Denomination : Italiana
  • Color : Emerald green
  • Cultivar : Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino
  • Character : Fruity
  • Biophenols : 500-600
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