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Olive Oil Laudemio

Olive Oil Laudemio

Laudemio is produced in accordance to a quality code that was created by a group of producers in 1990 and that we are ourselves committing to in order to produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil that faithfully reflects the best expression of freshly pressed olives. The remarkable quality of Fattoria Lavacchio’s Laudemio originates in the olive groves located at an altitude between 400 and 500 meters above sea level, organically cultivated, and benefits from optimal exposure and well-ventilated conditions. 

The characteristics of the Laudemio from Fattoria Lavacchio is that the olives are:
- harvested by the 30th of November each year to ensure that the olives are not over ripe;
- crushed within 24 hours from the moment they have been picked;
-processed in an experimental olive mill working without oxygen contact. 

Olive Varieties: Frantoio 85%, Pendolino 15%.

Area of production: the olive grove is located at 400 meters. above sea level, on a medium-textured, clayey-calcareous soil from alberese and extends over 44 hectares for about 8000 plants. 

Age of olive trees: The olive trees were planted in 1990.

Plant density: about 350 plants per hectare. Pruning type: polyconic vase.
Harvest period: from 15 to 30 October. 

Method of harvest: Olives are harvested by hand to ensure that only perfectly healthy olives, of optimal ripeness are selected

Processing: Washing the olives to remove leaves and impurities, crushing with mill crushers, kneading at 22 ° for about 15 minutes, centrifugal separation with experimental crusher in oxygen deficiency. 

Percentage of oil produced from the olives: It varies every year, but usually under 12%. 

Sensory notes: the color is bright green with golden reflections and the nose is an intense and persistent scent of fresh cut grass, artichoke and, slight eggplant; it is of excellent structure, with a fruity flavor, initially spicy. 

Gastronomy: ideal use of this absolutely genuine product is raw on vegetable-based dishes such as pinzimonio; soups, salads; or roasted.

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