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Chianti Rufina D.O.C.G.

90% Sangiovese, 5% Canaiolo nero, 5% Ciliegiolo

Chianti Rufina D.O.C.G.
90% Sangiovese
5% Canaiolo Nero
5% Ciliegiolo

The ploughed leguminous between the rows feed our vines, the breeze and the sun protect them from disease, a patient waiting assures the perfect healthiness and ripeness of the grapes. The natural balance and ancient traditions are the source of Cedro, a Chianti Rufina that has great personality and that expresses the characteristics of this appellation, also defined as “the highest of the Chiantis

Area of production: Vineyards are situated 400 mt. above sea level in a rocky soil particularly rich in limestone which gives Chianti its characteristic

Age of vineyards: The older vineyards are between 25 to 35 years old and the new implants are around 15-years-old.

Training system: Guyot & Spurred cord.

Production: Approx. 1,5 kg of grapes per vine.

Harvest: Manual in small cases around mid October.

Vinification: Soft destemming of the grapes. Fermentation and maceration are at a controlled temperature, partly in stainless steel and partly in French oak barrels for about 15 days with numerous pumpovers and delestages.

Maturation: In French oak barrels of 35 hl from 12 to 16 months.

Refinement: 6 months in bottles before release.

Ageing capacity: 5-7 years.

Sensory Characteristics: It appears ripe plum in color and has a lot of earthy mineral aromas and flavours. It is medium to full bodied, with firm tannins and a hint of fruity notes and spices on the finish.

Serving suggestions: In its early years this wine is complimented with all food and when aged it is delicious with sauced meats, poultry and roasts.

Servine temperature: 18-20° C

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