Authentic tuscan



Traditional Tuscan platter: selection of cheeses, cured meats and garnished toasts (serves 2) 26 € 
Ficattole (fried dough) of stone-ground flour with ham and Tuscan Stracchino cheese 12 € 
Vegetable flan from our vegetable garden, crisp Pecorino biscuit and smoked sauce 10 € 
Salted puff pastry stuffed with ricotta and pumpkin with seasonal salad from our garden 8 €


Velvety pumpkin soup (from our vegetables garden) flavored with white truffle olive oil 12 € 
Ribollita (typical Tuscan soup) made with 3 local cabbages, Tuscan bread and vinegar 12 € 
Straccetti (a diamond shape cut pasta) with sausage ,broccoli and leek fondue (from our vegetable garden) 14 €
Tortelli (stuffed pasta) of stone-ground flour with mashed potatoes and local beef ragù 14 € 
Pappardelle (wide tagliatelle) of stone-ground flour with wild boar ragù 14 € 
Risotto Arborio from the Maremma region with season mushrooms and chives 16 € 
Homemade Tagliolini of stone-ground flour with black truffles from Montefiesole 18 €

Main Courses from the Kitchen

Lamb fillet covered in mushroom and wrapped in puff pastry, beans and champignon 24 € 
Peposo Fiorentino (typical stewed beef), mashed potatoes and beans 20 € 
Piglet medallions, lacquered with black truffle honey, sauteed vegetables 26 €

...and from the Grill of our “Serial Griller”
All our grilled meats are served with potatoes and vegetables daily picked from our vegetable garden 
Galletto (young rooster) free range chick with aromatic herbs 18 € 
Mixed Grill of local meats flavored with aromatic herbs (minimum 2) per person 20 € 
Tagliata of local Tuscan Beef on a bed of rocket salad (The word “tagliata” means cut) 26 € 
Fillet of local Tuscan Beef 30 € 
T-Bone Pork Steak (Grigio del Casentino breed) with artisanal fragrant salt from Volterra 20 € 
Bistecca di Vitello nella costola (Veal chops on the bone) (Per kg) 50 € 
Bistecca alla Fiorentina nella costola (Florentine Sirloin Steak on the bone) (Per kg) 52 € 
Bistecca alla Fiorentina nel filetto (Florentine T-Bone Steak on the fillet) (Per kg) 54 €

Side dishes
Seasonal vegetables daily picked from our Organic vegetable garden 4 € 

Our classic menu del Mulino a Vento

Straccetti (a diamond shape cut pasta) with sausage ,broccoli and leek fondue (from our vegetable garden) 
Mixed Grill of local meats flavored with aromatic herbs 
Your choice of dessert from our trolley 
Coffee & Cantuccio biscuit 
Menu beverage excluded 36€ - with water and wine pairing 48€

5 Courses Surprise tasting Menu 

A selection of dishes according to what our green garden offers and to the Chef ‘s mood 
Menu beverage excluded 48€ - with water and wine pairing 66€

Our trolley of local cheeses served with honey and breads 12€ 
Our trolley of desserts 6€