Authentic tuscan

Autumn 2019


Egg cooked at low temperature with Tomato crumble of Spicy Pepper and Pecorino cheese

€ 14,00

Cuttlefish yellow pumpkin Thyme and Yogurt

€ 16,00

Our Salami tasting with toasted bread in chicken liver paté, cheese and

coccoli (fried dough) € 15,00

Guinea Fawl lacquered with lavender Sangiovese grapes and leg with Chimichurri € 16,00


Pasta dish

Polenta Gnocchis in Burrata fondue, chards and Almonds € 17,00

Spaghetti in Duck and Dried Tomatoes, Bread Crumbs and Liver

€ 17,00

Tortellino 2.0    €16,00

Pappardelle with Boar and Hare, with Cocoa and Pumpkin Seeds

€ 15,00


Main course

Salt cod Fish € 22.00

Rabbit Declination: the thigh with Goat, the loin with dried tomatoes and rucola pesto with Walnuts, Carré in apple and Cinnamon

€ 22,00

Peposo in tile, shallots in Trebbiano  Wine and Cottage Cheese € 20

Maremmana cut of Beef in green sauce Caprifoglio cheese and Cabbage in lemon € 23,00

On the Side € 7.00

Various organic vegetables from our garden according to seasonality and inspiration

Salad of our garden

Roast potatoes


Tuscan cheeses

Selection of

Three € 10.00

Six € 14.00


Selection of Local cheeses served with local honey and jams



Main Courses from the Kitchen (served with roast potatoes)

Grilled mixed Norcino (selection of pork) € 20.00

Grilled "Casentino Grigio" pork steak with potatoes € 18.00

Bistecca alla Fiorentina on the bone (kg) € 50.00

Bistecca alla Fiorentina on the bone with Fillet (per kg) € 55.00



Our Desserts € 8.00

Bread cover Charge 2,50 €


All our ingredients are sourced from local farm that produce naturally or organically

Please inform our staff 0f food allergies or intolerances


Mirko Margheri