Authentic tuscan

Fall menu



Octopus in caprese 18€

Poached egg, squash cream, salt cod fish and crumbled walnut loaf 16€



Fresh tagliolini noodles that wish they were “Carbonara”18 €

Potatoes gnocchi in 3 selection of our tomatoes 16 €               

Main Courses from the Kitchen

Mullet fish “Saltimbocca” served with panzanella (bread salad) and yogurt 19 €Monk fish with eggplants, spring onions and tomato mayonnaise 19 €

Rooster two ways: – breast with Bardiccio sausage and herbs & thigh with pecorino and pear, served with potatoes baked under ashes18 €

Entrecote of Chianina breed beef with arugula caviar and pecorino shavings, mixed green salad with honey vinegar   25 € 

On the Side

Mixed salad 4 €

Roast potatoes 4 €

Seasonal vegetables picked fresh daily from our own garden   6 €


Selection of local cheeses served with local honey 12

Selection of cheeses from “Laura Mastrazzo” Londa 14 €



Childhood Memories: Ficattole (fried dough) made from stone-ground flour served with ham and Tuscan stracchino soft cheese 14 €

Selection of Tuscan cured meats from our own butcher served with chicken liver paté and cheese 16 €



Pappardelle (wide tagliatelle) of stone-ground flour, served with wild boar ragù 16€

“Pici” noodles in Bardiccio sausage, peppers and burnt onion powder 16 €           


Main Courses from the Kitchen

Peposo Fiorentino – traditional Tuscan peppered beef stew, remodeled in the shape of a tile and fried, served with a variation of greens and ricotta 18 €

Braised wild boar with beets and cacao 19 €


Main Courses from the Grill

Mixed selection from our pork butcher served with roast potatoes   20 €

T-Bone “Grigio del Casentino” Pork steak with potatoes 18 €

Bistecca alla Fiorentina on the bone (Per kg)   55 €

Bistecca alla Fiorentina on the bone with fillet (Per kg)   60 €


Desserts 8