Authentic tuscan


"Nothing is in the soul before it has passed through the senses."

This is the thinking behind our kitchen. Getting to the senses, the heart and the memory through the most rigorous interpretation of Tuscan cuisine, with selected dishes that belong to the local tradition, one that is the culinary identity of the territory, with its deep roots in this land. To enhance and protect local identity, passing down the ancient recipes and the traditional flavors peasants, who give life to our memory and our food culture.

Even through the kitchen of Restaurant Windmill is implementing the virtuous and ambitious goal that the company aims, born out of love for their own territory, its traditions, its uniqueness and its history. The search for local, organic and related to the cycle of the seasons, are the mirror of an ethical commitment, today strongly felt, which also results in a positive economic opportunities for local businesses, as well as in non-secondary environment .

What does not come directly from the company is sought from producers closer together, also engaged in organic production and high quality, safeguarding the artisan products of excellence. This is the result of a difficult and careful selection of the same, to develop intensive cooperation with various local producers: from Chianina beef to pork of Cinta Senese and Grigio del Casentino, from formggio pecorino Pienza or the Sieve of Cetica potatoes, eggs Casentino Camaldoli chestnut flour ...

The implementation of the so-called "short chain" allows the restaurant to eliminate the costs arising from the various steps in the traditional distribution, to reduce transport and packaging, which produces waste and pollution. Therefore, the vocation to Kilometer zero allows us to contain our ecological footprint, in line with a sustainable way of life of the entire company.

"All that is born is made of earth, water and roots are in the earth, in the wheat you eat and the wine grape is all the good of the earth." (Cesare Pavese)