Authentic tuscan


The Restaurant Windmill is typical Tuscany, where raw materials are used are always fresh and genuine, closely linked to the territory and the seasons. They are used mainly organic products and following the criterio of supply "zero chilometers" come from local producers and, most of the vegetables, from the garden of our Farm.

As proposed in our paper belongs to local tradition, going to rediscover the ancient recipes and the traditional flavors logoed to our land. So although seemingly simple, for the preparation of our dishes is dedicated time and passion, where strict observance of the ingredients, enhanced by traditional preparation methods, let you try tastes and sensations almost disappeared and perhaps unknown to younger consumers .

So, sauces, stews, meat stew and game are dedicated loving cooking that last five hours. The pasta is always fresh, kneaded by hand daily in the quantities set, using eggs of Mugello and Casentino organic wheat flour, stone ground. The butchery is all the result of our production, for which it is guaranteed the use of local raw materials and biological properties and the absence of preservatives and additives. The sausages are always fresh and genuine products are weekly: our grilled sausages, soprassata of our "great cutting boards" in addition to bardiccio, a sausage typical of the Sieve Valley. The meat from the "grid view" room in baked over charcoal, is definitely the specialty of the restaurant where the undisputed protagonist remains the classic aristocratic Florentine steak. All the desserts of our paper or those required for your event, from the most traditional to those resulting from the creativity of our chef, are produced daily, using fresh ingredients. Finally, bitters and digestives are the house: limoncello, grappa and allorino Farm can not miss as a worthy end of your dinner and your lunch at Restaurant Windmill.