Flow with the


Few people know of the existence of windmills in our area, but at least four have been registered, including one in the area of ​​the Farm.

The Windmill, dating back to the first half of the nineteenth century, was completely cliff-top, before the Fattoria Lavacchio and the Municipality of Pontassieve promoted the functional recovery and restoration of the masonry, the rotating cusp and all the grinding machinery.

The restoration work began in June 2000 and ended in the autumn of 2001.

The complete and meticulous recovery of the windmill, as well as of all the internal gears, was based on the analysis of the elements still present, even if very damaged and on the study of mills with "tower" type, such as that of Monterifrassine, still functioning in Italy and Europe.

The internal gears are all in wood, of various types, depending on the type of stress to which they are subjected.

The various wooden parts are assembled thanks to accurate joints, while the points of greatest effort are reinforced with iron brackets and nails.

The milling takes place on the ground floor by means of stone mills, which rotate in a plane over one another.

On the first floor there is the main tree, made of oak of considerable section which transmits, by means of a large toothed wheel, the movement of the blades to the internal gears; connected to the transmission shaft is also the brake, equipped with two enormous "jaws" which can be operated thanks to a long rope even from the outside.

The effect that can be seen by visiting the inside of the mill is, at the same time, of sweetness for a structure that testifies to the inventive ability of our ancestors and of fear for the gigantism offered by the gears, visible at close range.

It is like being inside a fascinating Leonardo machine, made even more suggestive by the deafening noise produced by the mill when it is in motion.

It has been estimated that the extreme part of the blades, when they are in full motion, can reach a speed exceeding 100 kilometers per hour.