True organic

Guided tours

Winary Tour with Tasting

In order to feel and understand the phylosophy of the Lavacchio farm, you will first walk through the organic Vineyards and learn about our organic process of growing and
tending to the grapes and hear the history of the centuries old estate that once belonged to the influential Strozzi family.
Then you will explore our ancient cellars and discover the special needs, requirements and techniques of creating the perfect wine.

Wind Mill and Olive Oil Tasting

Visit the unique working wind mill of Italy, experience flour making and the unique sensation to come back to 2 centuries ago. Visit the Farm’s traditional olive mill and discover all the secrets of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. The tour lasts around one hour and includes a walk in the olive groves, a little introduction to the Tuscan olive oil traditions and a guided tour of the mill as well as an historical background of the wind mill, it’s renovation and technical explanations of how it works. If wind allows it, you will also see it turn and press our organic wheat to make flour. To finish off, there is a course on olive oil tasting where you will learn the characteristics of good extra virgin olive oil.

Visit the pottery workshop and Ceramic Class

Our ceramics class is a unique experience and an opportunity you do not want to pass by! Adults and kids can show off their creative side and become artisans by creating their own terracotta objects or paint and decorate already prepared pieces. You will first be introduced to the origins and uses of the art of Maiolica. Then, Massimo and Stefano Innocenti, famous crathsmen of the area, will teach the techniques and secrets to produce your own piece that expresses your own uniqueness. Ather having tried the coiling technique employed by the etruscans, you will be able to chose an already finished piece and decorate it. It will then need to be fired for 24 hours. The final product can be shipped anywhere with an extra handling fee.

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