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Bottega del Mulino, so called because it is located in front of the windmill, It is the new bet of the Farm. It was derived from the former mill, which keeps the old world charm, being there the millstones and the press.

The workshop is intended as a circuit for enhancing the excellence of the food companies and creativity of local artisans, as a service to the citizens of the area, for all our guests, for those who want to eat healthy and as a warehouse for the restaurant.

The choice ranges from basic products such as bread, milk, pasta, salt, to tipical products such as salumi, cheeses, marmelades, craft beer, pasta and of course our organic olive oil and wines, bags and made knitted blankets. We selected only companies with a working philosophy oriented to quality as regards food and wine, as regards the master craftsmen ( knitwear, glasses, ceramics, wooden items and everything that might be connected in some way to the world of conviviality).

Bottega won't be only a place to go shopping, but a real meeting point with a bookstore, a wine bar where it is possible to taste selected wines with easy plats or just to have a drink, un area for demonstrations and workshops, a space where organize anniversary and parties, with an adjoining restaurant and a playground. Conviviality is at home here and it is made up of people who fix to go there to have a snack while enjoying cakes and sandwiches, drinking wine and beer.