Our activities


The complete estate tour with food pairing is a unique instructive tour.

The tour begins with the introduction of the history of the Estate and after a lovely walk through the vineyards, while learning about our organic production and how we care for our grapes, you will discover the villa Strozzi and our symbol, a 250 year old Lebanese Cedar tree. We will show you the special needs and requirements of how our organic wine is produced, the wine cellars where our wines are refined and you will be offered a welcome drink with a detailed explanation about the Chianti appellation. A walk through the olive groves to understand the Tuscan traditions and a guided tour of the only working windmill in Italy, dating from the eighteenth century, will complete your experience before heading for a lovely meal.

After the tour, you will enjoy lunch or dinner including:
- 4 course menu with delicious dishes created by our Chef
- 4 glasses of our organic wine to pair the food experience

The tour is guaranteed in English, Italian, French and Japanese for minimum 2 participants.
Reservation is required

Days and Schedule:
- Dinner plan: From monday to saturday except wednesday at 5:30 pm.
- Lunch plan: Saturday at 10:30 am.
Duration: 3h30 approx.

For groups of minimum 6 participants the tour can be booked on any other day and hour.


Truffle hunting

Between the months of February and April and from June to December truffle mature underground in the estates woods of Montefiesole, sending out a distinct aroma. With a local guide and a truffle hunting dog who detects this aroma, it is possible to participate in this unusual event of truffle hunting. This activity starts off with a warm welcome with an introduction to explain the growth of this...Continue


Wine Tour and Tasting

With this tour, we hope to give you an understanding of the philosophy of the Estate and a feel of our Organic Lifestyle here at Fattoria Lavacchio. Visiting one of our vineyards, you will learn about how we care for the grapes as well as our experience as organic and low-sulfite and sulfite-free wine producers. We will also tell you about the history of the Estate, which dates back to before the...Continue


Horse riding

Western and English saddle, lessons and walking  for all levels of participants throught the farm vineyards and olives groves.

If you want to relax into the green of the Tuscan country, and tast the emotion that a landscape absorbed into olive groves, cypresses, churches and castles could give you, an horse riding will give you a new birth and you will be able to get the magic atmosphere of our...Continue


Tasting of old vintages

Wines improve with age and Fattoria Lavacchio is no exception. This is a unique opportunity to really experience the history of the Estate through tasting landmark vintages. We invite you to savor a selection of our organic wines low sulphites spanning 2 decades with an exclusive private tour with a personal Estate Ambassador in a historic setting. Learn about our history and the organic...Continue


Ceramic class

Our ceramics class is a unique experience and an opportunity you do not want to pass by! Adults and kids can show off their creative side and become artisans by decorating already prepared pieces. You will first be introduced to the origins and uses of the art of Maiolica. Then, the ceramist, famous craftman of the area, will teach the techniques and secrets to produce your own piece that...Continue


Tuscan cooking class with lunch

Like the rest of Fattoria Lavacchio, the cooking class uses only local and organic products. You will begin the class at our organic garden with an introduction to the seasonal ingredients.
You will then learn all the secrets of Tuscan cooking and cuisine from our experienced Chef. The course consists in making fresh hand made pasta, a second course with vegetable of the season and a dessert. The...Continue


Scenic Tour of Florence

Join us on a walking tour of our favorite city in the world - Florence. We will show you around some of the city's most wonderful sights, including Il Duomo,Signoria's Square, the Ponte Vecchio,  Porcellino's market, the Piazza della Repubblica, Borgo degli Albizi (a fascinating historical street), the Mercato centrale (Florence's famous central market) and of course the ancient vias that...Continue


Olive Oil and Wind Mill tour

Visit the unique working wind mill of Tuscany, renovated to produce the flour of teh Estate and the unique sensation to come back to 2 centuries ago.
The tour includes a walk in the olive groves, a little introduction to the Tuscan olive oil traditions and a guided tour of the wind mill as well as an historical background of the wind mill, it’s renovation and technical explanations of how it...Continue


One day on the Estate

This is a full day of fun activities. It includes absolutely everything and is a great way to spend your day! The day begins with a guided tour of the vineyards and cellars of the estate to learn about our organic production and how we care for our vineyards and environment. We will show you the special needs and requirements of how our wine is produced, focusing on the characteristics of each...Continue


Butchery course with Lunch

You will work with our experienced norcino (pork butcher) Beppe, in a hands-on session.
The course starts in preparing the pork meats, boning and selecting the various pieces and cuts.
You will then be shaping (rifilatura) the pieces to produce Tuscan Prosciutto and Tarese ( a traditional bacon cut), cure and make you oun Capocollo, Pancetta and Lonzini ( cured pork filled).The remaining meats will...Continue


Artisan Baking Class with Lunch

Bread making is both simple and complex. In its essence, flour, water and salt mixed together, the dough rises for a while, and then it is baked. Easy, right?! However, within these simple steps there are many variables to consider, and many techniques to master (or get better at), including hand techniques, mixing for proper gluten development, ascertaining when a loaf is properly proofed,...Continue